Why hire permanent resources on your rolls and incur long term permanent fixed costs in those cases where the demand for the particular resources is cyclical and driven by the market scenario ? If your projects need immediate resources who are used to immediately adjusting to the demands of Fast-track projects, count on us for quality, quick time line, with no employee-related costs. We will temporarily depute such ready resources to your office location during your peak load. You will thus have the benefit of “just in time resources” and “only when needed resources”. We have had a lot of success in this model and in multiple locations in several countries of the globe. We also fill positions requiring Niche Consultants, for term-based projects. We are in the process of staffing a few such niche Consultants on Day-to-day demand basis.

Some other Direct Benefits for the companies hiring employees on temporary basis :

  • As the cost of hiring the temps are shown as the consultancy charges, the companies can limit their payroll and hence their revenue per employee ratio improves and it has a direct impression on the stock market.
  • One of the major concerns of the IT and ITES sector is the high level of attrition, which is almost 100% in some companies. With temporary staffing, the companies are provided with a new employee as soon as one leaves the job.
  • It is also effective for a company, which does not want to build expertise in the non-core operational areas.Several companies hire temps for its maintenance and secretarial jobs.
  • The candidates made available through contract staffing are already shortlisted on the basis of their skill sets and experience levels; hence contract staffing is preferred
  • If companies are not satisfied with any employee’s performance, they only need to inform us and he/ she will be immediately replaced
  • We holds responsibility of contract staffing team and any discrepancies in the same will immediately be taken care of by us; hence it lessens  your hiring risks
  • Hiring for contract staff through us increases company’s flexibility for increasing or reducing staff as per business needs