Case Study 2

Business Process Management and Analysis

Realtor increases lead conversion rate enhances brand reputation via data driven lead management and personalized campaign management.


A real estate investment practice run by a group of realtors, managing transactions of about USS100 million annually.

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Their primary service being buying and selling of residential properties from house owners looking for hassle-free quick deals in cash, they were struggling to reduce time spent on lead and campaign management processes, which comprised over 30% of their work hours. They also wanted to explore if data-driven lead segmentation and/or personalized campaign management could help them improve lead conversions.


Identifying parameters contributing towards lead conversion success or faaure - bece6se of very limited digital historical records on teed sources and acquisition factors.

Identifying data sources: As most customers formed part of the public who did not prefer to list for buying or selling homes.

Data Quality issues: A lot of mismatches in lead data from various public and private databases, which were frequently updated.

Content Customization for campaigns: Creating personalized marketing campaign encompassing a large number of target customers across segments was a huge challenge.

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Business Impact

lead conversion rate by 12%
Enhanced brand reputation through effective relationship building and user experience
Gain end-to-end validity of lead collection and conversion programs.


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Automated Lead Segmentation Module

Developed by calculating 'teed similarity index" using advance machine learning methodologies cn various demographic factors, past interactions, information from third party data sources, etc.

Lead Conversion

Showcasing conversion metrics across time, comparing between test and control groups, with ability to drill down across revenue metrics, lead segment, etc.

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Personalized Marketing Solution-this included

* Automated mailing list generation as well as content customisation based on lead segmentation and scoring.
* Personalizing mailers through our handwritten address services,supported by mailer audit mechanisms.
* Controlling shipping costs through optimum mailing group and shipping carrier selections.
* Continuous Improvement Plan through periodic impact assessment, calculating success rates, and revising strategies for target audience, mailers size, duration, relationship building, follow-up, etc.


Performed market research to identity relevant data sources and analyzed all the information available to select relevant parameters which could be useful in conversion probabilities calculation for individual leads.

Automated data collection process, with customised modules foreach data source depending on source type and structure and an optimum data extraction schedule to deal with updates.

Developed an automated data cleansing and transformation module for getting the data ready kw further analysis. Designed an advanced analytic; algorithm to evaluate success probability for each lead and score it. Developed a mechanhm for evaluating campaign of ecSveness by identifying a test population having more than a pre-specified threshold value of success probability and a control population chosen at random without calculating success probability.

Enabled exporting of competitor product and pricing information into Ethel, with options for weekly updates to incorporate revisions - covering product pricing and stock availability information across locations.

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