Our temporary staffing division is unparalleled in the industry. We recruit, screen, and hire skilled qualified employees and on a moment’s notice and are able to provide clients with staff to fill any shortages. This ability is cost efficient and we can accommodate an extensive range of specialties with varying skill levels. This is the solution to provide your company with on demand unexpected or sporadic, seasonal staffing needs.

As part of our protocol and on-boarding process, we conduct background checks, reference checks, drug screening, employee verification, work history checks and e- verify all qualified candidates. Our commitment to quality responsive service is what differentiates our associates.

We understand your staffing cycle needs and will accommodate all in house payroll and human resource duties as part of or comprehensive service package.


Our mission is to provide outstanding staff augmentation services to our customers. We are committed to being a “Best Place to Work” for our consultants and employees.

Benefits Behind Temporary Staffing:

1. Temping is an exceptional way to add up-to-date, specific in-demand skills to your nonprofit sector resume

2. 1/3 of temporary employees are offered permanent positions

3. Most temp jobs are filled through staffing firms, not through the company directly

4. Working while temping gives you the time and money to focus on finding your nonprofit dream job

5. Temping can be a great way to build your nonprofit network – you just might land a great reference or referral!

6. Prevents gaps in your resume

7. Can be a great way to re-enter the workforce after a gap and ease your way into a full-time job

8. You can learn a lot about your preferences- work style, culture, perks, commute; and use that to find your dream company/job

9. A candidate brought in for a 3-day admin project can wow a company enough that they hire them for another open position in the company (I’ve seen it!)

10. The vast majority of temp jobs are entry to mid-level

11. The average temp assignment is 3-4 months

12. 75% of temp jobs are 35+ hours/week

13. Temping in a variety of positions can increase your adaptability

14. Offers flexibility for traveling in between assignments

15. Working with a recruiter can offer you inside tips in the job market and your resume

16. Always go above and beyond, you never who’s watching!

17. Staffing firms in the US hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract employees every year

18. You are never stuck in a temp role – if you find a permanent position or feel it’s not a good fit for you – you can always put in your notice

19. Temp roles often start immediately – you don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks to get back to work!